This K-Mart Bikini Bag Is What Dreams Are Made Of

Multi-purpose pocket of goodness

This K-Mart Bikini Bag Is What Dreams Are Made Of Instagram - @addicted_to_bargains &

When you thought K-Mart couldn't get any better, they go and introduce one of the best multi-purpose products to hit the market.


Introducing the K-Mart Bikini Bag! This baby is a godsend for those who love hitting the beach come summer. But what does it do? Well, the title sums it up perfectly - it's a bag for your togs. You know when you've had your swim and decide to change into your clothes but then have to shove your wet togs into your bag? Not only that but they make everything else wet and before you know it they're growing mold and you have to throw out them too!

Well, this waterproof bikini bag stops that from happening because you simply chuck your wet swimmers in there and you're good to go! That way, they are in their own cute compact without drenching all of your belongings. GENIUS, RIGHT?!


Well, since we like to find alternative ways to use items because we don't do things by halves, customers have already found multiple uses for this little bag of joy - using it to hold makeup, a purse, a way to hold your phone without it getting sandy and wet AND you can pop sunscreen, goggles and other items in there too!

For only $5 a pop, you can't say no to this when there are OH SO MANY uses. Plus, did I mention it also comes in a BEACH BAG? Because matching your beach bag to your bikini bag is an obvious must. 


We'll be running to K-Mart like this..