The Flawless Vegan Tanning Kit Every Gold Coaster Should Try

Glow from head-to-toe!

The Flawless Vegan Tanning Kit Every Gold Coaster Should Try

There's nothing better than the way a good tan feels.

If you're wanting a natural looking glow, without any damage to yourself, or the planet, then you need to meet our friends at Zuii Organic.

The Gold Coast run business offers certified organic and vegan products that have sent eco-friendly beauty lovers in a spin.

And now, they've introduced a new addition to the organic family - a self tan and products range. 


The new products are quite fitting to the Gold Coast market giving 'tanners' a flawless, streak-free glow, while also improving the health of their skin. Win-win. 

The range includes: self tanning foam, gradual tan face and body lotions, gradual tan face water, dry oil tan extender, luminiser cream, powder contour, powder shimmer bronzer, powder glow highlighter, moisturising body wash and polish, plus adorable applicator, exfoliating and polishing mitts.

The whole kit and caboodle to make you beam from head-to-toe. 


The major benefits, unlike other tanning products include:

  • A natural looking tan, without any damage
  • Sustainably sourced ingredients
  • Certified Organic bamboo juice is one of our key signature Zuii ingredients chosen for its sustainability and environmental promise. It is the fastest growing and strongest botanical resource on the planet

The local team has received the highest quality vegan and certified Organic status available incorporating functional actives, minerals and plant extracts. In other words, it's tan-tastic!

Yep, we're sold. Shop it here.