How To Make The Most Of Harbour Town

Secretly spy on people behind your map

How To Make The Most Of Harbour Town

Shopping is no game, neither is outlet shopping. If you're heading to Harbour Town, you need a game plan like no other. You need to sit down and map out your day. There's so many shops to visit and too many bargains to find to just stay in one store for 2 hours (trust me, it's happened). To make sure you all make the most out of Harbour Town, I visited it over the weekend for some much-needed shopping and for "research purposes". I opted for the commando look (and by that I mean a khaki puffer jacket) because I figured it could give me some sort of invisibility when I swoop in and grab each item (with stealth). I'll be like The Grinch at Christmas.

First off, let's just run by the perks of Harbour Town itself. I'm talking a Tourism Lounge to assist you with many things, such as: planning your day, there's complimentary refreshments, free WiFi, secure luggage and parcel minding, a free taxi order service and their free Outlet Shopping Shuttle. Amazing. 

In terms of dining and entertainment, you're all sorted. There's a number of eateries and delicious options on offer. 

If you're all about rewards and getting those much needed savings, you NEED to sign up as a Harbour Town VIP! VIP discounts, competitions, invitations to sales and special offer events, an e-newsletter to keep you across the latest deals and birthday rewards.

A lot of the time when heading to an outlet centre, I don't really have a game plan. This usually leaves me in a bit of a kerfuffle, as I've run out of time or I'm not making use of all of the wonderful things within my reach. But I'm here to change lives - not ruin them, so I thought I'd write an article to assist you in planning a productive, enjoyable and successful day at Harbour Town

Grab a map and draw each pitstop

The easiest way to make your way around Harbour Town is with a trusty map! It can be a bit overwhelming not knowing where to start or which way to go, so grabbing one of these bad boys will save you precious time. Extra points if you have a Sharpie on you so you can literally draw your way around. Or just for the sake of looking important carrying around a Sharpie..idk. 

Hide behind your map and secretly spy on other people 

Creepy? No, I think this is more so observing the competition. This is a great way to see what shopping bags seem to be the most frequent among other shoppers. Here, you can plan your shopping by first identifying the top players. But don't forget to make sure you aren't staring TOO much because your fellow shoppers could figure you out. I like to take breaks from observing by "reading the map", but really, I'm thinking up my next tactic. Don't give too much away, stay focused and coordinate your next move. This is not a game. 

Stop at Lindt Chocolate Shop for a much-needed coffee and treat

If you walk past here without grabbing something, are you a real person? Are you ok? Do you need someone to chat to? Walking in here is like stepping through the gates of heaven. There's chocolate EVERYWHERE and you can buy a fresh hot bev straight from the cafe to satisfy any of those cravings. Trust me, when you see the boxes upon boxes of chocolate, you will understand. Excuse me while I go bathe in Lindt balls.. 

Catch a movie

There's nothing quite like taking a hard-earned break, especially when it means watching a new release movie between shopping. Take it as a reward for all of your tough shopping. Do you know how tiring it is looking through bargain bins? It really takes it out of ya! If you're not up for a movie yourself, there's always an alternative: want to get rid of the kids? Put them in a movie! Surely that's not know, letting your minors run around by themselves. Want to get rid of the boyfriend or husband? Put them in a movie! Now you can run WILD! 

Hunt for bargains

I hope you're ready, because things are about to get real. You are on a mission to hunt for the best bargains available at Harbour Town. But let's be honest, it's impossible to walk away without a bargain so don't be too stressed, the right bargain will find you and appreciate you. You know, I see finding a bargain much like the courting stage of dating: you are testing each other out, seeing if it works for you and when it does, you make it official. Either I'm onto something here or I'm just weird af. 

Eat some good food

You have worked up AN APPETITE! You need to fuel yourself with some delicious food so you can get back on the horse. Luckily, There are some great places to choose from. Maybe you'd like Grill'd or Yum Cha, Subway or Guzman Y Gomez (and many more). Whatever it is, you will be delighted to know you have many post-food food options too. Movenpick, San Churro and a personal favourite of mine...Donut King.

Take a photo of said bargains

If you didn't take a photo of yourself at Harbour Town or what you bought, did you even go? Probably not. Everyone knows you NEVER did something unless you upload a photo on Insta of you actually doing it. So get out your phone, take a photo and it's probably best you do the whole tagging and hashtagging thing too: @harbourtowngc #harbourtowngc