An American style diner just opened in Nobby's Beach

It was definitely worth the wait!

An American style diner just opened in Nobby's Beach

After fire tore through the Nobby's restaurant precinct last year, we have been left wondering for months what will fill the space that was once home to Hugo's Burger Bar and Little Beans. 


FINALLY, our question is answered, and it's in the form of a New York inspired contemporary Australian Diner!


Yesterday Pinky's opened their doors to the public for the very first time and are already winning over hearts of Gold Coasters. Their industrial and modern fit out spans the corner block and slots into the already bustling cafe landscape perfectly. 

They're serving up all of your favourite american classics, like southern fried chicken, cheeseburgers, loaded hot dogs and cream cheese bagels. They're also shaking things up with a couple of specialty dishes - think hot dog bennys and apple jaffles! 


The Pinky's menu is filled with items to make all of your all-day-brunch dreams come true! With pancakes, cream fraiche scrambled eggs and a number of different bagel options, your meal decision isn't going to be an easy one. They're also brewing Blackboard Coffee to top off this (already amazing) brunch offering! 


The Pinky's kitchen is open from 6am - 2pm daily. Take away coffees are available until 3pm. 


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