There's A Super Cool Art Drop Happening In Long Jetty

Pick Up Some Free Artwork!

If you're a fan of Art, or an aspiring artist yourself. This will be right up your alley!

The inaugural Central Coast Art Drop is kicking off tonight with artists from all over the Coast gathering in Long Jetty to hide some of their work in secret locations!

You can check out some sneak peaks of that artwork using the hashtag #centralcoastartdrop on Instagram, or follow the account itself @centralcoastartdrop

How it works: As an artist, you are to place a piece of your art in a secret location within the Long Jetty vicinity. Film a sneaky video showing where your art is, and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #centralcoastartdrop for hunters to use as reference to find your work!

As a hunter, the artwork is 100% free! The only catch is for you to send some love towards the artist to support their work! Remember the time and effort that goes into the pieces!

When: Wednesday February 9th - 6:00pm

Where: Long Jetty, Central Coast