You Can't Miss This #1 Must See School Holiday Destination

Mega Creatures Are Back!

You Can't Miss This #1 Must See School Holiday Destination

School holidays are coming to a close and we're sure all the parents out there are beyond excited!


Round up the kids and venture into the Hunter Valley Gardens before it's too late! Discover a spectacular display of giants that will thrill both parents and children alike! The annual Mega Creatures event returns to Hunter Valley Gardens showcasing some of Australia’s largest animatronic bugs, dinosaurs and dragons. Get up close and personal with the infamous 8 metre T-rex, a giant Triceratops, the towering tarantula, a mega-sized snail and much more.

Kids of all ages will be delighted (or possibly terrified!) as they experience life-like sounds and movements of these giant dinosaurs, dragons and creepy crawlies. They may even learn a thing or two about our prehistoric friends.

Mega Creatures is a great fun-filled day out for the whole family – explore the amazing gardens, see the Mega Creatures and brave the Garden rides!

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What: Mega Creatures At The Hunter Valley Gardens
When: September 29th to October 14th 2018
Where: The Hunter Valley Gardens

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