EVEN MORE Coast Artists To Add To Your Playlist

The list of local talent goes on...

EVEN MORE Coast Artists To Add To Your Playlist

The Gosford Pop Rock trio are one of several local artists joining Rackett at the Long Jetty Hotel tonight for the latest ‘Snakepit’, having recently been up the mountain at The Grove Studios recording their sophomore EP.

If you’re heading to the show, or just need a refresher while awaiting the new release, here’s a cut from their first offering: Kick back and relax to Jordan Olyslagers’ smooth, breezy voice supported by he and Jordyn Grant’s hypnotic guitar and bass lines.

The Million

If you can’t get enough of infectious mainstream Pop - and let’s be honest, who CAN’T? - then these guys are worth keeping your eye on.

Having started out emulating Punk groups like Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance, the trio’s recent singles reflect a transition to a more modern radio-friendly sound a la DNCE and Foster the People: bouncy rhythms and catchy choruses filtered through Jacob Teams’ chilled out vocals.

We dare you NOT to picture them coming up with a chart-topper after taking a listen to their latest track “D.M.S”, for which they’ve just wrapped up a mini-tour across the East Coast.

Kalun Townsend

The Brisbane-born Gosford-based 21 year old launched his debut EP “lessons” in 2016, and has been working with fellow local Indie-Pop star Blake Wares on his second over the past year.

His singles “Numb” & "Sunday" are a taste of what’s to come…



Long Jetty singer/producer Aaron Lee’s graduated from DJ-ing and playing in Punk bands at school, and now dedicates his time to producing bass-heavy EDM to great effect.

He released his debut single “Limbo” last year, and incidentally it features fellow Coastie and electro-pop artist Sammi Constantine. 


An R’n’B songstress in the vein of Adele, Kimbra and Meg Mac, Ashrae has strong, soulful voice and writes intimate, reflective lyrics to match.

She released her Debut EP in June last year, and it full of polished production that emphasises the emotions of each song.  

Chelsea Berman 

Our local Country star released her debut solo EP “Better than ever” at the start of this year, having laid the groundwork for a strong career by winning the Homegrown Songwriting Competition (2015) and the Central Coast Country Music Festival Busking Competition (2013).

We had her play for us in the studio back in February, so we can only hope she remembers us when she gets her first Golden Guitar! 

One Day Apart 

Like Nelipot, ODA are a local band we can expect new tunes from this year, having just wrapped up recording a new EP at the Grove.

Don’t be surprised if you start having flashbacks to your early teens if you check it out: Between the intense, catchy vocal hooks, lyrics about yearning to be understood, and guitars that regularly shift tone from soft to distorted, this is pure noughties Pop Punk reverie.

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