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Lush Bar at the SS&A- Where Champagne Flows

Our Hit Ambassador's First Review

Lush Bar at the SS&A- Where Champagne Flows

Arguably one of the most critical decisions you have to make with your girlfriends is “where do you want to meet?”. A great catch up is even better at the right location. Lush Bar is a pop up champagne bar located in SS&A near the David Street entrance.

Lush Bar
Wait. Stop. I haven't even introduced my self - how rude.  My name is Jenny. Hi, Nice to meet you, good thanks! I'm a local lass and was a boomerang kid. Lived in the big smoke - the country - the big smoke and now the country. I love the area so much that I got a gig as the as the new HIT Ambassador. Over the next 12 months I'll be showing and sharing everything that's hot right now, as a local but from an alternative lens. Sounds terrible, I know <sarcasm>. This is why I was at a really fancy champagne bar on Friday night.

When I was walking in to Lush Bar I was welcomed by a friendly waitress and the curtains behind us closed providing a feeling of exclusivity, glamour and chic. Lush Bar décor is stunning and radiates style.

I was mesmerized with the presentation of the bar, the deliberately placed bottles of Chandon, the sounds of champagne glasses clinking and the soft music in the back ground. The words Chandon, bubbles and cheeseboards were staring right at me. Alas, so we bought a bottle of Chandon and a cheeseboard. Important note: Take your time whilst consuming liquid gold.

It was like my experience at SS&A had transformed and we stepped into a world of luxury. For some reason it also seemed like I started to transform too. I took my time to examine the menu, I’d slowlllyyy and gracefully take a seat and I started to make sure I was holding the champagne flute* (classy word for champagne glass) by the stem. Fooled everyone.

The space was perfect for singles, duos and groups of 5s and 10s. What was really great was that some people were on a date night! Men could enjoy the space too - The staff were accommodating and zipped right behind their magic champagne curtain and came back with a scotch on the rocks! Not only were the staff flexible and bubbly - (see what I did there? Wink* Wink*) they were attentive as well. 

Our experience on Friday night was flawless. We couldn’t stop the giggles and were there for hours because we were so comfortable. You too can embrace the Lush Bar on Fridays & Saturdays 5pm till bedtime.