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"We are prepared to take tough measures and take the issue up forcefully," is the message sent from WA to the rest of the nation, as the fight for a fairer GST share intensifies.

One of those measures may be to hold the supply of WA gas as hostage, while using the nation's GST distribution as ransom.

State and Territory leaders from across the nation this morning met in Tasmania for the latest Council of Australian Governments meeting, which was largely dominated by talks on national security and parole reform.


But it is the GST share which COAG first-timer and new WA Premier Mark McGowan indicated he's focused on.

"It's a major issue for the nation's economy, it's a major issue for West Australians, I think increasingly it is a major political issue in this nation," Mr McGowan said.

WA is currently receiving 34 cents in the dollar.

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Now Mr McGowan has played his trump card, threatening not to connect a gas pipeline from WA to the east coast until something is done.

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"There is talk of a gas pipeline from Western Australia to the eastern states, West Australians would expect there's action on GST before such a pipeline was approved by a West Australian government," he said while sitting just a few seats away from Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull.

Mr McGowan also proposed that a proportion of state mining royalties be excluded when calculating a state's capacity to raise revenue.


Written by: @conradical89