You've Probably Been Playing UNO Wrong Your Whole Life

Did you know this?!

9 January 2018

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Not too long ago, someone posted a Monopoly rule on the internet that absolutely no one seemed to have picked up on, proving that we had all been playing the game wrong our entire lives!

It also explained why the game went on for so long, which is something no doubt everyone who has played Monopoly before would have wanted to know.

Now, it looks like we've been playing UNO wrong as well!


When will it end?!

Now, when you play UNO, you might be sneaky and drop down a +4 card just to make the next person pick up cards, or, someone may have put one down making YOU pick up 4 cards, but because you had that special wild card as well, you doubled up and made someone else pick up 8 cards.

The pick up +4 card is a sneaky little thing but according to the rule book, it's not supposed to be sneaky!

LaToya Stallings was reading the rules out of sheer boredom one day and came across a rule that completely changes the game!


"Did y’all know that you can only play the Draw 4 Wild card IF you have NO other cards that can be played??!

"AND if you suspect that someone has illegally played this card, they have to show you their hand.

"AND if they in fact played the card illegally they must draw 4, but If not, the person who challenged the play must DRAW 6?"

So being sneaky and just making your friend pick up 4 cards isn't what it's for, it's only supposed to be used as a last resort!

This probably means it's okay to keep the card and use it as your final card... but we're not so sure.

Have you always played UNO by this rule?

Let us know in the comments!

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