Your Pillowcase Is Most Likely The Reason Behind Your Skin Issues

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We are constantly told about how different items in our house are the grossest things ever (your phone, desk, towels, bedsheets etc.) and should be cleaned every 5 minutes… so at this point, a lot of us have just given up on the high maintenance and now just hope for the best. 

But if you’re struggling with skin issues like irritation, acne, infection, blemishes or blackheads, you might want to pay more attention. 

Speaking with Metro UK, facial expert Andy Millward explained how pillowcases absorb a “cocktail of sweat, sebum, and dead skin cells” which cause all sorts of damage to your skin. 

“As we sleep we lose water through sweating, a lot of which is through our upper body, chest and head, excreting toxins from the body in the process.

“Our sebaceous glands, mostly concentrated on the face and scalp, continue to produce and secrete sebum while we sleep. Also our skin cells continue to shed through the night.” 

So how often should we be changing our pillowcase? 

Andy suggests we do it every 2 - 4 days, especially if you have oily skin or very long hair.


And if skincare isn’t enough to make you want to replace your linen more often, maybe the fact that a woman in China discovered she had over one hundred mites living on her eyelashes because she didn’t change her pillowcase for five years. Yep.  

These are the skincare and beauty tips you need to know from Zoe Foster Blake:

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15 November 2020

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