Your New Bestie Is At RSPCA Townsville

How can you say no to them?

18 July 2017

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Girlie, Jasmine Osborne, and Irrawaddy want to be yours

The Townsville RSPCA Shelter volunteers work around the clock to make sure the animals are ready to find loving forever homes, and you could be the one to give them that home. 

This week we take a look at more of the cuties that want to be a part of your household. 


I'm a soft, beautiful girl who's delightfully affectionate. Once I've settled into my new home I'll enjoy exercise and fun activities. If you start a playful game I'll join in. Because I'm so sweet and so sensitive, I'm happiest when I have company. That's why I'm looking for an owner with enough dog experience to enjoy me and understand my occasional need for reassurance. I'd love a home where someone is around most of the time and I would definitely benefit from having another doggy friend.  

I'm offering the ultimate in by-your-side companionship and devotion to a family with heart.

Jasmine Osborne  

I'm a very sweet and beautiful girl who is certainly spoilt rotten. I would benefit well in a quiet/calm home where I could be treated like the queen I am with pat and soft cuddles. I am not a snobby cat but I do occasionally need my space to allow for me to get my beauty sleep.  


I'm a total sweetie who enjoys nothing more than getting attention from you. I love pats and cuddles as well as going on long walks. I'm very playful  and enjoy doing exploring and checking out interesting things. I do like making friends especially with those cute, cuddly puppies, which means I have good patience. I'm so friendly and loving therefore I like to have someone to hang around with, rather than be by myself.

Take a drive out to Tompkins Road for some cuddles today! 

The Townsville RSPCA is open 7 days a week from 10am-5pm. 


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