Your Favourite Local Is Serving Parma's For A Good Cause!

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Herald Sun

There's nothing better than a Parma or Pizza at your local after a long, hard days work... unless it's for a good cause of course! 

The Railway Hotel has come up with a genius incentive for locals to raise money for our even harder working fireys.

For every Parma, Pizza or Furphy purchased by patrons, five dollars will be donated in honour of our brave CFA crews!


From Tuesday, March 19th to Wednesday, 20th of March bookings are open for the most selfless Parma you've ever eaten. 

If a cheeky Parma or Pizza isn't your gig, you can make your mark on the community by taking part in the auctions and raffles on Wednesday night which could see you walking away with a prize for your goodwill, because you know... you gotta give a little to get a little! 


Tables are filling up quickly, so don't miss out on your opportunity to give back to those who give so much! Jump onto the Facebook page for more details and book your table ASAP!  

Georgie Marr

19 March 2019

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Georgie Marr

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