Your FAVES Paddle Pop, Magnum & Gaytime Might Face A BOYCOTT This Summer

'Stolen Paytimes'

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

2 October 2017

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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Streets’ Ice creams are fan faves here in Australia, but this summer we may see a boycott on Paddle Pops, Golden Gaytimes, Magnums and the likes. 

The news comes as the company's workers call for the nation to support their ongoing dispute with Unilever (the company who owns Streets ice cream).

Due to this, the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union are planning to boycott the summer ice cream treats and have even set up an online petition against the company’s plans for an application to the Fair Work Commission to TERMINATE their current workplace agreement which was negotiated by workers. 

This move would see their pay slashed by 46%. 


Other reports from the union claim that the company has been trying to remove overtime penalties as well as redundancy entitlements. 

Those who support this cause are being called upon to add their names to the email, which will be sent to Street’s financial officer and site manager. 

The email reads, “Streets make a big profit selling ice creams and your parent company, Unilever, made an $8 billion profit last year.

“Surely you can afford to treat your workers fairly and pay them a decent wage.

“Giving everyone a fair go is the Australian way, not corporate greed. Australians won’t stand by and let this happen.”


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