Your Christmas Lights May Be Wreaking Havoc On Your Internet!


Lauren Payne

19 December 2017

Lauren Payne

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With Christmas tomorrow, we're guessing (or at least hoping) that your festive lights have been up for quite some time now, and if you've been experiencing funky Internet for the month of December, we may have the answer for you! 

Some people like to have their lights hanging up outside, making their street seem a bit more jolly, but others like to keep their Christmas lights inside the house, draped over their wonderful tree.

Now, if you're one of the people who has decided to hang your lights inside of the house, and you've noticed that your wifi has been a little dodgy recently - your lights may be a tad too close to your internet router. 

When you're hanging them up, you want to be sure to keep them far away from your internet router because lights placed by that wonderful box that allows you to stream Netflix 24/7 can actually interfere with your Wi-Fi connection!


Post Office Telecoms has reported that your Christmas lights and your internet router wreak havoc on each other if they're too close, and if you thought that was crazy, then prepare yourselves for this next bit!

Wi-Fi routers placed by televisions or windows can also have an effect on your internet speed, so if you're trying to watch Christmas movies on Netflix and they're taking forever to buffer, it may be time to rearrange a few things.

Post Office Telecom has found that routers plugged into the master socket and not through an extension cord seem to work better and if you have the latest internet browser, your internet speed should improve quite a bit.

The best place to put your router is somewhere away from your appliances and slightly elevated, like on your bookshelf, that way you'll get a solid signal and out of the way.

So this year, if you want to watch your Christmas films uninterrupted, keep your lights well away from your Wi-Fi router.


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