Your Cat Will LOVE These Cozy & Unique Beds!

*Finally wins affection of cat*

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Etsy @ MeowFelt

If you’ve got a cat, you know that they can be a real pain in the ass, but they’re totally worth the chaos when they give you affection. 

To try and win them over a little more, so there’s more cuddle time than clawing time, we’ve hunted down some truly unique cat beds to treat your kitty with!

Etsy seller MeowFelt sells quirky and cozy beds for cats that are anything but boring! 

The handmade beds are exquisitely made with gorgeous details and warm and cozy materials (sheep wool, felt, etc) to keep your cat comfy. 

Each uniquely designed bed is gentle for skin, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly.

The beds come in a range of different designs and although they’re not cheap (ranging from $100 to $500), they’re totally worth it… 

All of the beds are made to order and take about 9-10 weeks to be made and delivered. 

You can find all of the beds online for purchase HERE

Give your kitty the cat cave she/he deserves!


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