You Simply Have To Add This Hidden Aussie Gem To Your Travel List

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For those of you itching for a tropical getaway, this Aussie photographer has just given us a glimpse at one of Australia’s most beautiful beaches we bet you didn’t know exists!

Sydney photographer Adam Rikys recently featured a video of what is described as Australia’s ‘most beautiful’ beach on his TikTok, racking up a whopping 78,000 views online.


Flaherty’s Beach, located approximately 232 kilometres west of Adelaide, is an absolute vision, boasting luxurious white sand and crystal-clear waters as far as the eye can see; a sight only matched by some of the world’s best tropical beaches like Bora Bora or Mykonos.

The stunning South Australian beach surprisingly permits experienced outdoorsy folk to drive through the pristine sands in their 4WD and bring their dogs along for the journey, making it the perfect spot for families to visit with their fur babies.

Following Adam’s post, comments started rolling in, thanking the Aussie photographer for bringing the ‘hidden gem’ to our attention.

With one TikToker describing it as the “…best beach in Australia” and others tagging their friends for future travel inspo.

This isn’t the only beach Adam’s highlighted on his TikTok, sharing images of another gorgeous watering hole earlier in the week. Naming the spot, which is located 439 kilometres south-east of Perth the ‘Seychelles in Australia’.

The location’s real name is Elephant Rocks and again, features turquoise waters and white sand that’ll give you some serious tropical vaccay vibes. 


While many of us locked away due to the recent Covid outbreaks, we still recommend adding this to your travel list for as soon as the restrictions ease up, because let’s face it, this could be the closest thing we get to the overseas beach vacations we all miss so much!

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Georgie Marr

16 July 2021

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Georgie Marr

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