You Is Back In 2021, Here's Everything We Know About Season 3

We know who the neighbour is...

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Life was simpler before we were introduced to Joe Goldberg, we didn't question our partner's every move, and whether or not they had a jar of teeth stashed away in their roof, or whether they were holding people captive in a glass box. Just me? Ok.

Since You first dropped on Netflix in 2018, it has captivated us and left us wanting to find out more about Joe's world and his mind.

Just when we thought Joe was the creepiest person we would come across, season 2 introduced us to his new obsession, Love Quinn. The two seemed to be the perfect psychopathic pair, however, the final episode finished on a cliffhanger introducing us to a new obsession of Joe's, the next-door neighbour.

This final scene opened up a flurry of questions and plotlines for season 3, which we have eagerly been awaiting. Due to Covid-19, production was pushed back, however, the show is on track to be released in 2021, with a few new faces and some of our old favourites as well.

Here's what Joe has in store for us in season 3:

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21 October 2020

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