You Could Get Paid To Travel The World Reviewing Luxury Yachts

Yacht life.

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If you like the idea of living a luxury travel lifestyle but have no idea how to fund it, we might have found the solution. 

A company is looking for someone to travel the world reviewing luxury yachts – and they’ll get paid for it. is a luxury online marketplace for everything from supercars to rare antiques, and of course they also sell yachts. Since these yachts usually go for several hundred thousand dollars, they’re generally out of reach for us mere mortals. Until now.

The team at have decided that they need someone to review their range of yachts and test them out before they go up for sale.

The job ad explains, “There are obvious perks to the job; you’ll live, sleep, eat and shower on a yacht for a week, but during that week, we’ll need you to test everything on the yacht. This means every plug socket, door, bed, shower, tap – everything to make sure that the yacht is up to our standards.”

The winning applicant will be paid £1,000 ($AU1,864) per yacht, with the potential to review up to 50 yachts a year.

Aaron Harpin, founder, said, “Obviously, we’re a very high end site and expect our products to be of the highest quality, which is why we’re looking to hire someone whose job is solely assessing the quality of yachts and ensuring they meets our high standards.

“We need someone who is reliable, hard-working and has an eye for detail, we’re expecting them to find things that no-one else would notice. I’m hoping to find someone who is perfect for the job as soon as possible!”

Sound like you? Maybe you should apply

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