Smart Gold Coasters prepare for weather

Do you know how to keep yourself safe?

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Toby Charlton-Taylor

Sun, surf, lush hinterland… we’re living in a legit paradise here on the Goldie. But with the good comes the sometimes problematic. Our sub-tropical climate can lead to some intense and dangerous weather conditions.


Whilst the weather is unpredictable, us residents need to know exactly how we’ll respond when faced with severe storms, floods, tidal and storm surges, heatwaves and bush fires. The last year alone has shown us we can be faced with any of these at any time.

As we head into summer, we launch into what is traditionally our peak storm season. Have you sorted your emergency response plan?

It’s all about being ready ahead of time, to keep you and yours safe. Educate yourself on where to find weather alerts, make sure your entire household knows the emergency plan and keep a well-stocked emergency kit within easy access.  


Take Scar’s advice. Click here for City of Gold Coast’s information on local disaster management.

When future disaster events come around, make sure you’ve backed yourself… and not backed yourself into a corner.

Get Ready Gold Coast is an initiative of Get Ready Queensland.

Kaela Gray

8 November 2019

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Kaela Gray

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