You Can Now Tap On With Your MasterCard In Sydney

R.I.P Opal Card

Carly Heading

7 July 2017

Carly Heading

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Image Credit: Channel Nine 

We can FINALLY tap onto Sydney ferries with our MasterCard and it seems like Opal Cards could be on the way out.

For the first time in the country, we can now use our credit cards for our daily commutes… well, if you catch the F1 Manly to Circular Quay ferry.

Instead of paying the fare with an Opal Card, passengers will be able to use a MasterCard to "tap on" at the wharf.

The fare will be directly debited from the account. 

The best part is that international MasterCard’s will work too. 

Considering that ferries are extremely popular with tourists this is a massive win.  

NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance said, "This is an Australian first, you can now have contactless payments on the Manly Ferry. It’s a great way to get around for tourists especially. Forty percent of people catching the Manly Ferry are tourists."

Transport for NSW is working with Visa and American Express to create the same type of payment process with them and they expect to have them on board by the end of the year.

But don’t get too excited yet, there is no news about Opal Cards leaving for good. They could keep both running and they are still in the trial stages.

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