You Can Now Purchase A Wine Keg When One Glass Just Isn't Enough!

One for your next party?

18 May 2018

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You've seen all of the movies where people bring massive kegs of beer to a party and have a great time, but what you haven't seen, is a keg filled with wine!

Bridge Lane Wine, a wine label that is based in Long Island, New York, has created the ultimate party companion, so when you have a few people coming around, you can give them wine out of a keg, instead of playing Jenga with the bottles in your fridge.


There's not just one wine keg available either, Bridge Lane have created five wine kegs that are filled with either chardonnay, rosé, white merlot, sauvignon blanc or a nice red blend.

One keg contains 19.5 litres of wine, which is about 26 bottles, so there's A LOT of tasty wine available for your guests when you have your next big party.


Now, the hard part.

Each keg costs $240US, which is about $320AU, so they definitely don't come cheap.

They also don't ship to Australia at the moment, because this thing would be pretty hard to move around the house, let alone put on a plane.

But the next time you're in the US, why not try one of these babies out?!


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