You Can Get $1 S'mores Tomorrow In Brisbane

Campfire life!

9 August 2017

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Image Credit: Brooklyn Depot

Are you dreaming of sitting by a campfire with a cheeky S’more in your hand? No? YOU SHOULD BE!

In case you didn’t grow up reading books about American children attending summer camps (and didn’t then go and work in a US summer camp just to have that experience yourself), S’mores are a classic American sweet treat. It's basically like a sandwich that uses a sweet biscuit as bread and melted marshmallow and a piece of chocolate as the filling.

Traditionally you would roast the marshmallow on a campfire before smooshing it into your S’more. Here's how they look in the US:



If you’ve never had a S’more, don’t stress. The legends at Brooklyn Depot are selling them for just $1 on Thursday August 10.

You can find Brooklyn Depot at Shop B8/B9, 168 Grey Street in South Bank. 

$1 S’mores Day is running Australia wide at Brooklyn Depot’s restaurants in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the Gold Coast.

Find out more about Brooklyn Depot here.

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