You Can Buy 24 Karat Gold Champagne Infused Doughnuts In Adelaide!

24K jewellery is overrated anyway.

Lucy O'D

13 February 2018

Lucy O'D


To celebrate Valentine’s Day or, maybe if you just like your doughnuts a little bit fancy… Club Gold have created a 24K Gold Cristal Champagne Infused Doughnut. 

Screw roses and heart-shaped chocolates, this year, it's time to amp up the V-Day game with literal gold-infused doughnuts. 

Exclusive to Adelaide, these ridiculously extra doughnuts are a sure way to impress your significant other (or yourself because treat yourself, gf)... at least you'd hope so because they're going to set you back $100. 

The team over at Club Gold says they were looking to steer clear of the cliché roses and chocolate this year. 

“We wanted to provide an extravagant way to celebrate love this Valentine’s Day with a luxurious option outside of the usual flowers and chocolates. Our blinged out doughnuts are the ultimate way to say 'I love you' on the most romantic day of the year.”

If this seems like the perfect gift for your uber-fancy loved one, you'll want to act quick - the gang's bakers will only be making a limited release of 100 doughnuts. 

The sweet V-Day gifts are available for pre-order online and can either be personally delivered by a Club Gold team member on Valentine's Day, or picked up from their CBD location tonight!

To find out more or to order your 24K doughnut, head to Club Gold's website

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