Yambil Street Upgrades Face Potential Setback

Minor setback 70% into Stage 1

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By now you're probably well aware of the Yambil Street upgrades; the project expected to set the "beautification" standard for the Griffith CBD precinct. 

Divided into 3 stages, the upgrades will see both sides of Yambil Street refurbished with new water mains, stormwater drainage, road pavement, street lighting, median parking, kerb and gutters, footpaths rebuilt and landscaping. 

Now approximately 70% through Stage 1, the project faces a minor setback requiring the replacement of some sections of concrete work. However Griffith Mayor, Cr John Dal Broi said that swift action by Council staff means there will be little if any delay to the work. 

“Council’s Contractor has commenced building the above ground infrastructure. Unfortunately, we’ve determined that a portion of constructed concrete footpath and driveway is not in accordance with the design specifications provided by Council."

- Cr Dal Broi

Stage 1 of the upgrades is expected to be completed by 31st May, 2019.



Ebony Reeves

18 March 2019

Article by:

Ebony Reeves

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