WTF? This iPhone Hack Will Increase Your Storage!

Did it work for you?

Zoe P

22 March 2017

Zoe P

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Feel free to freak out over this iPhone storage hack that ACTUALLY works! 

We all know what a b*tch it is having to deal with low storage space. 

Should you delete the travel photos you’ve had on your phone for two years, or your favourite, trusty music app? 


Or this Reddit user has the solution, we should say. 

These 3 easy steps have proven to increase your storage space! 

Starting Space: 

1. Find a movie* on iTunes with a large file size and click to rent it out (don’t worry, you’re not actually going to buy anything). A window will pop up stating that there isn’t enough space to download the film.

*We suggest the Harry Potter series. 

2. Click ‘OK’ and wait about 20 seconds…

3. Go back to your settings and check if your storage space has increased!! 


Now repeat and see how many times it works for you! 

How much space did you get? Let us know in our Facebook comments! 

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