Wrap Your Ears Around Zayn's New Banger

What a tune!

12 April 2018

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It's been a minute since we've had some new music from Zayn Malik and it seems as though it was worth the wait. The singer dropped the new hit and the epic film clip all at the same time!




In the action packed clip, we see Zayn playing the role of a James Bond type but in the end, he's not the hero... it is in fact his pouty co star!

You might also notice Zayn's hit with Sia 'Dusk Til Dawn' playing as he walks into the club at the start of the clip, signifying moving from one era to the next PLUS at the end of this video we see 'to be continued' - so will we see a series all based on this character Zayn has created?

In the mean time, grab your copy of 'Let Me' here.

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