Woolies Explains What Went Wrong In Yesterday's Checkout Meltdown

They've apologised

17 April 2018

Twitter @JoshuaLouder

Woolworths has apologised after a technical glitch left shoppers across the company in the lurch.

At around 4pm yesterday registers at Woolies stores unexpectedly shut down due to a “system fault” – the fault lasted around 30 minutes.

Now CEO Brad Banducci has released a statement around the outage.

“This was related to an update to our IT systems,” Mr Banducci said.

“Our systems ultimately self-corrected themselves and we were back and open for trade across most stores by 4.30pm, with all stores now operational.

“This type of incident should not occur and we apologise unreservedly to our customers and store teams for the inconvenience caused.”

All stores are now operating as normal.

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