Woman Who Only Sleeps With Ghosts Opens Up About Her Sex Life

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Lucy O'D

11 December 2017

Lucy O'D

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A woman who claims to have slept with over 20 ghosts, says she no longer has any interest in men. 

Aptly named Amethyst Realm has opened up about her intriguing (to say the least) sex life which has only involved ghosts for the past nine years. 

Whilst appearing on British talk show This Morning with Phillip and Holly, Amethyst opened up about what started these strange sexual encounters, how they work and- well - what it's like knockin' boots with a ghost. 

According to the 27-year-old, her first encounter happened 12 years ago, when her then-fiancé was working away from home for long periods of time. The pair had just moved into a new home when she began to feel a "presence" around the house. 

“It never felt scary, it felt comforting really,” she says, remembering the initial stages. 

When recalling the first time things were taken to the ~next level~, Phillip asked what happened next after she dressed up in lingerie and waited for the spirit in the spare bedroom. 

“I thought maybe I had scared it off by being too keen,” she says. “But then, just as I was starting to fall asleep, it came to me… I had sex.” 

Confused by the physics of the act, Holly simply asked how it works. 

“You can feel it. It’s difficult to explain. It’s like a weight, but also weightless,” she recalls. "The energy as well, I think the energy has a lot to do with it." 

Amethyst, who's fiancé left her after busting her with one of her ghost-lovers, hasn't had any human sexual relations since and according to her, has no intent on going back. 

“I have no interest in men now,” she says. 

Now, content in her ghost-sex bubble, the 27-year-old says she's studying up on 'phantom pregnancies', so that she can one day hopefully give birth to a Twilight-meets-Casper child. 

Spirit sex? Sleep paralysis? Either way, Amethyst sure is living her best life! 

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