Woman Finds Mystery Rubber Thing In Christmas Cards, Immediately Panics

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12 December 2017

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There have been some strange things found inside the packaging of items after being bought from stores, but this Mum found something in her Christmas card packet that is just plain freaky!

Laura told The Daily Telegraph that she popped into her local Big W to buy a packet of Christmas cards for her kids to give to their friends at school.

She bought a box and came home with no problems, until she was about to give the packet to her children and noticed a little bit of rubber stuck between two of the cards.


If you saw this and instantly thought it was a condom, you're not alone.

Laura said that she too thought it was a condom and refused to open the packaging.

"I did take the cards back and the staff where a bit shocked too but opened them to see what is was while I was there as I was really concerned and wanted to contact the supplier if it turned out to be a condom."

Luckily, it wasn't what she thought it was.

"When they pulled it out, it turned out to be one of those long finger cover things.

"Still was a shock to my system for a good 24 hours wondering what on earth it was and will still contact the company about it as it’s not a good look when you get something like that in a packet of Christmas cards, but was thankful that’s all it was."

A spokesperson for Big W told The Daily Telegraph that "at BIG W, we continually work hard with all of our suppliers to ensure BIG W’s products meet the safety and quality standards both BIG W and our customers expect.

"While this matter appears to be an isolated incident, we are checking the packaging of remaining products so customers can be confident of product safety."

Maybe just double-check the packaging of your Christmas cards before you buy them, guys...

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