Woman Caught Shaving Legs In Queensland Public Pool

A swimmer caught her!

24 July 2018

Article heading image for Woman Caught Shaving Legs In Queensland Public Pool

Onlookers have been shocked to find a woman shaving her legs in a Queensland public pool.

A bikini-clad woman, who witnesses say was aged between 45 and 50, was seen shaving her legs in the popular Airlie Beach Lagoon at around 3:50pm on Monday afternoon, The Daily Mercury reports.

The woman was filmed by a swimmer shaving and rinsing her razor in the pool water.

Daniel McKenzie said that he filmed the footage after swimming in the lagoon.

"I’d just gotten out of the water and headed to my towel to lie in the sun after a good swim, and was shocked to see a woman shaving her legs poolside,” Mr McKenzie said.

"It was blatant; she wasn’t even trying to hide it as she washed her razor off in the water.

“I just had to film it as it was so, so wrong. There would have been about six people in the water at the time.”

This is the second time this year that a person has been caught shaving, and rinsing their razors, in a public pool.

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