Winter Olympian Anastasia Bryzgalova Slams Comments About ‘Model Looks’

‘Medals aren’t given for beauty’

16 February 2018

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Russian athlete Anastasia Bryzgalova has slammed comments about her “model looks” on social media, saying that medals at the Winter Olympics “aren’t given for beauty”.

After collecting a bronze medal for the curling competition, the 25-year-old has fended off comments about her attractiveness following a question from a reporter in PyeongChangg, The Sun reports.

“Yes, it’s very pleasant,” she said, when asked about receiving compliments rom fans on social media.

“But medals are not given for beauty.”


The comment followed a stream of posts about Bryzgalova’s appearance, with comparisons made to Hollywood A-listers including Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox.


Competing with her husband Alexander Krushelnitsky, Bryzgalova it was important to bring home a Winter Games medal for Russia.

“It's very important that we are family, it helped us to overcome the semifinal loss and to come out for today’s match being united and determined,” Bryzgalova said after beating Norway 8-4 to claim a bronze.

“We knew we could win medals. It’s just bronze, but it’s very important for us.”

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