WINNERS: Origin Two Ours Thanks To JT Conversion

Thursto triumphs despite dodgy shoulder

21 June 2017

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It's just the kind of win Queenslanders wanted last night, taking out Game Two 18-16 in Sydney.

Even immortal Andrew Johns was on our side, delivering a scathing review of the cockroaches' performance, describing it as "the dumbest half of football NSW have played". Listen to the full audio at the bottom of the page.

Speaking on the Nine commentary post-match, Joey couldn't understand why NSW didn't target the injured Johnathan Thurston, who was basically playing with one arm after re-injuring his shoulder.

“Johnathan Thurston, his performance tonight was so courageous. I guarantee he’ll be headed for an operation in the next couple of days," Joey said.

“They didn’t go to him once in the second half. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. I could not believe it. You have a player up there who cannot get his arm up.

“If he’s buggered the defenders either side are so nervous so you manipulate that. I don’t know what they were doing. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.

“You have JT whose shoulder was absolutely buggered. How they didn’t identify that ... He cannot pick his right shoulder up, there’s your game plan.”

Wally Lewis and Phil Gould echoed this sentiment, with the respective former QLD legend and ex-NSW coach dumbfounded by the lack of intuition.



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