Simple Costume Ideas for the Winery Walkabout!

If you left it to the last minute!

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It’s the Queen’s Birthday weekend, so you know what that means?

Singing Happy Birthday in unison with all your friends for Her Majesty’s special day!


It’s Winery Walkabout Weekend and you know you have to dress up!

Seriously, you look stupid for NOT dressing up.

Here’s some dress up ideas for those of you who left it to the last minute!

Ugly Jumper


Take a trip to the Op Shop and you’re bound to find something hideous, or if not, Mum and Dad’s cupboard.  Surely Ma & Pa have worn plenty of ugly looking clothes that have embarrassed you over your young years!

Double Denim


Yep, the Op Shop can help you again here, with there always seeming to be a big selection of denim jackets to go with your own pair of jeans from home.

Tip: Buy a cheap pair of jeans, grab scissors, and turn them into undies for that extra special look!


Old People


Spotlight or one of those Crazy Bargain type stores can hook you up with a grey wig, then you can just, once again, go to the Op Shop for some old people style clothes.

Extra points if you get a walking stick and specs from the Chemist or random knick knack store.

Army People


Spotlight, Aussie Disposals, a cousin that’s in the army, op shop?  There’s a few local options to find some basic camo looks.  Or just wear green and tape some shrubbery to your head to get a real camouflaged look.

Op Shop


 Yep, you can just make it even easier and just call the theme “Op Shop”.  Then wear whatever you want.  It’s such a broad costume idea that you can’t really go wrong.  Even those that don’t like dressing up can at least put on some old cardigan and say they tried.


I promise this whole article isn’t an advertisement for our local Op Shops!


Now you should be set to look silly, hang with friends and enjoy some WINE!  Yaaaassss! 


6 June 2018

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