Why Tradies Need To Rethink Their Lunchbox In This Heatwave

It's time to cool off!

Carley Whittington

26 November 2018

Carley Whittington

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North Queensland has become blanketed in heatwave conditions, which are hanging around for the entire week. 

While some parts of our region crack the 40 degree mark, it's important to consider how you'll keep yourself feeling good throughout it. 

For those working outdoors or in areas without air conditioning, there's several tips you can take on. 

This week steer away from eating big meals at work, instead go for smaller portions more often. Rather than get a schnitty with chips and a beer, make sure you're snacking throughout the day, and keep the beer until after work. 

For a quick break from sipping on your water bottle, add some of these natural hydration items into your lunch box like cucumbers, celery, watermelon, strawberries, zucchinis, and cauliflower. 

It's likely that you'll sweat out more water than you take in, so grab a Powerade at the servo (the powder tubs are at Woolies/Coles), it'll help you retain fluids which will keep your body hydrated. Avoid drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine, and those that are high in sugar. As always, drinking plenty of water. 

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