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If you've ever considered nursing as a career, it might just be time to make the jump and start studying.

And now that TAFE Queensland's Southport campus has opened their brand new Clinical Labs, it's even easier to get your qualification right here on the Gold Coast. 

If you're finishing school, nursing is a fantastic life-long career option with plenty of opportunities for growth. 

Taylor Kett always dreamed of working in health care, and she got started on her nursing journey while she was still at school. 

“I have always wanted to become a nurse and ultimately a midwife; and I saw the opportunity in Year 12 to start my diploma and jumped at the chance,” said Taylor.

“To be able to start my nursing career at 16-years-old was life changing as I wasn’t completely interested in mainstream school.”

She utilised TAFE Queensland's TAFE At School program to start studying nursing while still at school, which gave her a head start on her HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing. She's now studying a bachelor degree to become a Registered Nurse. 

But nursing isn't just for high school graduates. For those who have always been interested in caring for others, it is easier than ever to make a career change. 

35-year-old Aaron Annable was inspired to become a nurse after seeing how well his daughter was cared for while she was in hospital. 

“Getting into the heath sector has been something bubbling in the back of my mind since my daughter went through a lot troubles to start her life which resulted in her living with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, vision impairment and left-side hemiplegia,” said Aaron.

“Watching how healthcare providers assisted in supporting and improving my daughter’s life gave me the drive to want to give back and do the same for others.”

Aaron is now six months into a HLT54115 Diploma of Nursing at TAFE Queensland's Southport campus. And even though he hadn't studied since high school, he wants to reassure others in a similar situation that they can do it!

“I was very apprehensive as I hadn’t studied since high school and I didn’t know how I would balance work and study, but TAFE Queensland has provided great flexibility and support which has allowed me to study at my own pace while continuing to work to support my family,” he said.

“Learning the theory online and then being able to go into the simulated healthcare labs on campus with teachers who have real industry knowledge and experience is such a well-rounded collaborative learning experience which I believe will give me the skills I need to get straight into employment.”

TAFE Queensland's new State-of-the-art Clinical Labs will include a replicated hospital environment and Augmented Reality capabilities with hologram patients. Students will be able to receive life-like training for their future nursing careers. 

You can find out more about studying nursing at TAFE Queensland via their official website

24 March 2021

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