Why Coloured Tapware And Bathroom Products Is The Way Of The Future

The ultimate 2019 trend!

In association with ABI Interiors

11 March 2019

In association with ABI Interiors

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Much like hairstyles and fast fashion, bathroom interiors have changed dramatically over the years.

Whether it's a 1950's vintage flamingo basin or a 1990's cream corner bathtub - whatever the style, there's no doubt bathrooms are a key fashionable feature in any home.

But it can often come with a hefty price tag.

Burleigh Heads bathroom supplier, ABI, is set out to change the industry - offering the best prices on high-quality and luxury kitchen taps, bathroom taps, shower head fittings and more.


The latest trend to grab their attention: coloured tap ware and bathroom products.

Set to be the 'design of the future' ABI stocks a stunning range of unique colours including traditional chrome tapware.

Here's why...

The Colour Range

With this years rise in bathroom paint colours such as beige, blonde, forest green and ash charcoals, the industry is seeing brass, matte black and white metal accents creep into the interior palette. 

"As well as traditional chrome tapware ABI stocks a stunning range of unique colours."

- ABI Interiors

ABI's latest range of tapware range features colours from brushed brass, copper, matte black, gunmetal and brushed nickel to keep a timeless yet modern appearance.

Downright Durable


Aside from being visually appealing, ABI's brass or stainless steel tap ware is highly durable and designed for long-term lifespan.

The brass tap ware is coated with an advanced electroplating method while the stainless steel tap ware is coated with ABI’s heat shield.

'ABI also offers a minimum 5 years warranty on all tapware.'

- ABI Interiors

Whatever the make up, one thing is for sure - this fashion-forward bathroom ranges are going to last the ages!

Superior Products


Aside from keeping up with the latest trends, ABI is always on the hunt for the latest products on the market that offer high performance and durability. 

'You need to look at each one closely in order to purchase the one that will provide you a considerable return on your outlay.'

- ABI Interiors

Elysian, Malani, Magnus and Ballia are just some of the brands, Australia's fastest growing bathroom supplier has announced in their ranges. 

'We only sell certified products which allows us to control the superiority of our products.'

- ABI Interiors

Each brand is different in their appearance and performance, so ABI is committed to explaining the tap ware to each customer and how it will meet your requirements.

Try Before You Buy


It's a big decision in choosing the right fittings and fixtures for your bathroom - sometimes it isn't easy to visualise exactly how it will look until it's installed.

That's why ABI is offering a nifty sampling tool where they will send you colour samples to give you an exact idea of how the interiors will look in your bathroom.

From basin mixers, shower mixers, handheld shower heads, wall mounted taps, bottle trap waste and shower arm fittings - shop the latest trends in coloured tapware and bathroom products now at ABI Interiors.

For more inspiration visit ABI Interiors today, or follow @abiinteriors on Instagram.

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