Why Big Brother Is Far Superior To Love Island

Far superior in all ways

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Cast your mind’s eye back to 2001. Big Brother debuted on TV, our pants were flared, our hair was streaked and Instagram didn’t exist.  

Now we know for sure Big Brother is coming back in 2020 – we are full of questions:

Who will host it? (Hint – Gretel’s been asked – here’s the goss)

Where will it be? (The original house burnt down, time for a city change?)

Most importantly: How will it differ from previous seasons? 

Here at the Hit Network – we’re pretty convinced it needs to be as true to the original – and Big Brother Alumni, 2012 winner Benjamin Norris, agrees: 

“I think we need Big Brother to come back and be nostalgic,” he told us 

“I think if Seven does take on this massive brand, which I think Australia loves, they need to pick real housemates that are relatable. We don’t need Instagram models with fake boobs, abs and teeth – they are on Love Island now.

“I think Big Brother needs to stick to the basics of hiring sixteen housemates, put them in a house, don’t use too many twists and use it as a social experiment.” 

We couldn’t agree more!

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4 October 2019

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