WHOOPS- these would be thieves didn't make it too far.


1 April 2019

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Two bumbling burglars got more than they bargained for last Thursday night after an attempted burglary didn’t quite come off.


A woman was at home just after 10.30pm last Thursday when she heard a noise in her courtyard area as well as some hushed conversation. Thinking one of her children had got out of bed, she went out to investigate the noise and saw two males standing in her courtyard with her children’s school bags and laptop computer bags.


The woman screamed aggressively at the pair who were immediately startled and attempted to flee on foot, both slipping over in the wet conditions and dropping the stolen property items. Both offenders then fled empty-handed, scaling the courtyard wall. One of the males then became entangled in a tree and took some time to eventually free himself before fleeing on foot.


It is believed the two offenders gained entry to the residence via unlocked doors that led off the courtyard.


Police are reminding residents to secure their properties and vehicles in order to avoid falling victim to opportunistic offenders.

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