Who Runs The World? Nurses

A more noble profession? I'll wait.

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We’d like us all to take a lil’ moment and quietly appreciate those tireless professionals who help keep us alive. Those efficient, practical-uniform wearing men and women who have magnificent upside-down watches pinned to their shirts.


We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but every GP practice, medical centre or hospital you’ve ever been in is kept ticking over by the nurses. They’re the backbone of the entire medical profession! But nurses are not born, friends. Oh no – nurses are made… and TAFE Queensland makes some of the best.

When you choose to become a nurse, you choose a career that will see you literally keep humans alive. That’s kinda the top of every day’s to-do list. Studying at TAFE Queensland, you learn how to do that in in state-of-the-art simulated nursing labs. There’s no sense of being thrown in the deep end when you graduate, because all TAFE Queensland student nurses do real-world training. You get to complete vocational placement, meaning you work alongside nursing teams, learning as you help treat their patients. It’s not just about advanced clinical theory; it’s about combining the important theory with the invaluable practical learning.

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Not only will a nursing career boost your Good Place score, you’ll be trained to work in an industry that is ever-growing. Four out of five TAFE Queensland graduates gain employment within three months of graduation. Training for the noblest of professions AND great job prospects? Um… yes please!


If that isn’t enough to get you clicking on the ‘Apply Now’ button, get a load of this: nurses get their very own international Nurse Appreciation Day on May 6th every year. And well they should!

Study with TAFE Queensland online or on campus on the Gold Coast. Graduate as an Enrolled Nurse and start working in a diverse range of healthcare settings. Interested? Register for one of TAFE Queensland's Webinars HERE.

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Kaela Gray

6 November 2019

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Kaela Gray

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