Who needs a REAL holiday?

Inspo @ the World Travel Expo

6 February 2019

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In association with Flight Centre Shepparton Marketplace and Flight Centre Shepparton City 

Take advantage of the travel expertise on show at World Travel Expo and make your dream holiday a reality.

We know! You're fresh back at work for 2019 and ALREADY dreaming about your next holiday.

Like a REAL holiday for a change, where you fly over water and actually need a passport!

Before you think about how broke you are after Christmas, and there's no way you can afford a trip, check out the top travel deals on show this week at your local Flight Centre's World Travel Expo.

Get cheap flights, discounted tours and unbelievable cruise deals, along with bonus accommodation packages, car hire, extra activities and more!

Need some travel inspo? Here's just a sample!

Busabout is the alternative stress-free way to travel Europe, Asia, North Africa and the United States, with their innovative Hop-on Hop-off travel network.


CLICK HERE to learn more about the great benefits of a guided tour, but with the flexibility of independent travel.

Travelling with Contiki means you’ll make friends from around the world for life – to travel with no regrets and make every moment count! With 6 continents on offer, travel styles to suit any type of explorer and 300+ itineraries, Contiki’s got you covered for your trip of a lifetime.


CLICK HERE for more Contiki info.

Carnival Cruise Line is "The World's Most Popular Cruise Line" with 26 ships operating three-day to 16-day voyages to popular destinations around the world including Australia, New Zealand, South Pacific, Mexican Riviera, Hawaii and the Caribbean.

CLICK HERE for details on what you can enjoy on one of their 16 cruises planned during their 2019 season. 

So...who's keen?

Find your dream holiday at a great price at Flight Centre on Wyndham Street Shepparton or the Shepparton Marketplace during their World Travel Expo February 8th and 9th. Bookings are essential, so connect with their Facebook events or give them a call. 

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