Where To Have Makeup Lessons On The Gold Coast

Up your skills with one of these classes

Amber Lowther

8 August 2017

Amber Lowther

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When it comes to learning how to do makeup, you're better off leaving it up to the professionals. Plus, isn't it totally worth it when you are able to redeem said lessons on product?! It's like you're purchasing a gift for yourself but also coming out of it with super amazing makeup skills. Magic! Whether you're well-versed in makeup and just looking for some skill advancement or if you're a newbie to the beauty world and have no idea what the f you're doing, these makeup lessons cater for everyone! You will walk out feeling more confident and the best part? You'll be able to do makeup to rival Kimmy K's makeup artist!


Priceline not only has everything you could possibly need in terms of beauty, skincare and beyond, but they also offer a wide range of complimentary services to assist you in mastering your makeup techniques. You may find you're not sure how to contour, you need to learn how to use certain beauty tools or, you just simply want a refresh on how to do use a particular product. You can look forward to eye makeup lessons, a lesson on how to use the right beauty tools, highlighting and contouring, how to get the best eyebrows for your face shape. They have a simple booking form online where you search for your closest store by postcode who offers what you need, you select the beauty service you're interested in and you book it in! 

Mecca Maxima

Of course Mecca provide us Mecca Beauty Junkies with amazing services to make sure our makeup game is on point! They have two services on offer - Mecca Tutorial and Mecca Plus 1. Mecca Tutorial is a personalised step-by-step session where a MECCA Makeup Artist focuses on your features and skill set. In the session, they show you how to replicate each step of the look, so you can leave confident knowing you can create the same look at home. They also recommend bringing in your makeup bag so they can suggest products to fill in any gaps. This service is $150 for 90 minutes and is redeemable on any products purchased on the day. 

Mecca Plus 1 is where you bring along someone to learn makeup tips & tricks with you. You can bring your mum, best friend or work mate and in return, you will receive a private tutorial for two. Here, you will have a made-to-measure session with a MECCA Makeup Artist and you will learn expert application techniques. This service is $100 per person for 90 minutes and is redeemable on any products purchased on the day. 


M·A·C offers a range of walk-in demos for product demonstrations including focus features, where a M·A·C Artist will apply and teach you about a product and the best technique to apply them. You can have a walk-in demo for eyes, eyebrows, face contouring, lips and false lash application. As well as demos, M·A·C· also helps you advance your skills in 10-15 minutes by guiding you through products and techniques to enhance your current look or make it more glam. 

But, if you really want a full makeup tutorial to master your overall technique, for 90 minutes, you will work feature by feature with a M·A·C Artist and you will go home with a face chart to help you recreate it at home. This service is $150 and is fully redeemable on product purchased at the appointment. 

Napoleon Perdis

If you need to brush up on your technique, Napoleon Perdis has a couple of great makeup classes to suit you. Their Complexion Perfection service is ideal for any makeup enthusiasts wanting to refine their skills and look the best they can. In this session, a flawless base will be created and will be followed up with contouring and mascara. This service is $60 for 30 minutes and all services are fully redeemable on product purchased on the day.

Napoleon's other makeup lesson service, the Makeup Shake-Up is an exclusive lesson, working with you to perfect your signature makeup style and you will be shown how you can master it at home. This service is $149 for 90 minutes and is fully redeemable on product purchased on the day. 


You didn't think I'd leave out Sephora, did you?! Luckily for makeup lovers, Sephora offers a couple of great services to give you that confidence to create a show-stopping makeup look. For 15 minutes, you can receive a complimentary lesson. This is great for those who want to focus on a specific area. If you want to go full glam, you can book in for a 75 minute makeup lesson for $100. This service is redeemable on product on the day. 

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