When Stealing a Wallet Costs $450

Bad decision costs woman big time

1 May 2018

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A stupid, spur of the moment bad decision has seen a woman landed with a $450 after stealing a wallet – that contained no monetary value at all.

The 23-year-old thief was caught on CCTV footage taking the wallet.  She

was walking into the nearby BP Roadhouse at about 10.30pm on February 22 when she saw a wallet sitting beside one of the petrol bowsers.

The woman checked the contents then put the wallet down the front of her top. She said she didn't steal any money because there was no money inside, however said she knew the victim's mother, she did not get along with her and as a result she has thrown the wallet away after taking it.

She was fined $400, ordered to pay $50 restitution and her conviction was not recorded.

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