Esperance Community Centre Cuts

Up to 40%

22 March 2018

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State cuts may be on the way for Hopetoun and Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centres.

The government announced a 40 per cent cut for community resource centres across the state, from June 30 2019. The review of how these cuts may be applied is expected to arrive by June this year.

Community resource centres are locally run groups, funded through Royalties for Regions, that provide access to government and community services in remote areas. Ravensthorpe Community Resource Centre manager, Gabrielle Major, said the centre would not be able to fund their staff’s wages if they were hit with a 40 per cent cut. Hopetoun Community Resource Centre manager, Karrina Smallman, concurred and said that the town has rallied in support of their centre; "we’re certainly feeling the love from our community which is great but we’re in limbo waiting to hear more news about how it is going to affect us."

Labor MLC Darren West said in 2010 funding for resource centres was $4 million dollars, which has increased to $13 million. “That increase in funding is actually over 300 per cent in quite a short time,” he said. “If that doubled [from $4 million to $8 million] that would still be a pretty good deal, but it would be a more modest and sustainable increase.” Mr West said this meant as of June 30 2019, funding for CRCs will be reduced from $13 million to $8 million.


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