What We Wish We Hadn't Worn To Groovin

DON'T wear this on Sunday

24 April 2017

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Groovin the Moo annually brings out the most 'unique' fashion and sometimes (99% of time) we end up regretting those wardrobe choices. 

So here's a look back on the outfits we wish we hadn't worn at GTM (we encourage you to learn from our mistakes). 

1. White Sunnies

These bad boys are a 'no-no' any day of the week, but especially on Groovin day. For the majority of the day the sun is out and about, so like sure cover your eyeballs, but please for the sake of everyone else's go with any other colour. 


2. Leotards

This 'mwahah good luck trying to pee' outfit is not safe to wear to GTM. We already spend too much time in the loo line, don't make it worse for your bladder by then trying to 'maneuver' yourself into the right pee position. 


3. Tops with cut outs

Girl, you are about to get a sunburn like never before. So don't do it. No one wants to strip off for that post GTM shower and see that red skin looking back at them. No amount of sunscreen will help you avoid it, because you will ALWAYS miss a spot. 

4. Your New Vans

You wanna show them off, yeah? You should! Just not at GTM. If they're white- they'll go home black. If you've got skin on your feet- you won't for long, the dreaded blisters will be hanging around for way too long afterwards. 

5. Bunnings Straw Hat

Slip, slop, slap- it's the Townsville way of life. But at GTM that over-sized fishing fashion item won't come home with you. You'll be throwing that beast into the wind by 8pm in the mosh. If you're happy to end the relationship, go ahead. Otherwise pack some tissues to dry your tears while you wait in the bus line. 


6. Pokemon Backpacks

Enough said. 

7. Beaded Necklaces

Unless you're visiting from the Gold Coast where it's acceptable to look like a 'surfer dude', because you can actually surf down there- just give it back to your little bro.


That's a taste of the fashion mistakes we've made, are you brave enough to share yours? Tell us on Facebook!  

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