What The F*** Is A Divine Feminine?

Prepare to have your mind blown!

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Is it some hippy bullsh*t? Is it a term designed by the Illuminati? Is it Pig Latin for “I like spicy food”? Maybe.

Probably not the ‘hippy bullsh*t’ thing, but MAYBE the other things (my bet is on the last one). But it’s a term that is getting around (similar to gastro through a Daycare Centre) AND it’s for a reason. Feminine is no longer a word that is strictly saved for the adjective column. It’s an energy that resides in all of us both individually and collectively. The same goes for Masculine (of course, we didn’t forget you Masculine), you can’t have the feminine energy without the masculine energy. Duh.

“Hahahaha cool, but I literally have no hecking clue what you’re saying and why this applies to me, you crazy hippy”- I hear you (literally) yelling at me.


That is why I recorded a whole dang episode about what Feminine Energy is and why we should be discussing it! Once upon a time I was all “Da heck is that?” and now I’m like “EVERYBODY SHOULD HAVE AN UNDERSTANDING OF THIS”. Because believe or not, having an understanding of these energies will help you understand the state of our world.

We currently live in a world that is DOMINATED by the Masculine. This does not mean males by the way (although, there’s also a bit/a lot of that going on). These energies have nothing to do with the genitals you’re rocking. Because the Feminine is just as oppressed in males as it is in females (if not, MORE).

So having a willy does not make you exempt from this information. It is for P’s and V’s! Tacos and sausages! Genitals that don’t even fit into either of those categories! It is information for anybody with opposable thumbs! (See: Humans).

I asked (begged) my beautiful friend Elle Anandi to sit down with me and have a chat about these energies. Elle is a yoga teacher, Holistic Counsellor, psychotherapist (almost) alongside a bunch of other things. Essentially, she knows her sh*t. She’s passionate about all people BUT especially women (yasss the girls). Elle’s perspective is beyond her years and she is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom (I’m assuming this is how people also describe me - so knowledgeable, so full of wisdom).

But my chat with Elle really blew my freaking mind. Because we have the chance to create a different world! A world with a new perspective. A world with an open, playful mind. A world with more wine! (YAS) As parents and future parents we have the chance to create this from an empty canvas (our children, the children are the canvas). SO, have a freaking listen already! And prepare to have your mind blown into tiny little pieces (I’m still picking mine up).

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6 November 2018

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