WHAT IT'S LIKE To Be An Undercover Cop

Keith Banks Shares His Insane Stories

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"A true undercover cop is where you adopt completely different identities. In order for that to work, you actually have to live that identity."

Former Undercover Police officer and author of 'Drugs, Guns & Lies' and 'Gun to the Head'  Keith Banks joined Bec, Cosi and Lehmo to share an insight into what it takes to be an undercover cop. 

"I had a gun put in my mouth once by a detective who raided a place I was in and didn't realise who I was." 

Keith Banks has worn a wide array of masks during his time with the police:

"I ranged from a Heroin dealer, to a Hitman for hire, and a spoiled rich kid who inherited a substantial amount of money." 

Banks shared some unbelievable stories about his time in the field including protecting a witness named 'Rocky' from The Mafia, the worst thing he's ever done, and why he even chose to become an Undercover Cop in the first place.

Hear the full interview here:

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30 September 2021

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