What Exactly Is Endometriosis & How Can You Show Support This Month?

Endo affects 1 in 9 women.

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When I first heard of Endometriosis, I thought ‘WTF is that?!?’ It sounds like it could be a type of dinosaur!!!!

Endometriosis aka 'endo' is a common disease in which the tissue that is similar to the lining of the womb, grows outside it in other parts of the body.

Endo often affects the reproductive organs and is often found in the bowel and bladder. It has been found in some other weird places like muscles, joints, the lungs and even the brain. More than 830,000 women and those who identify as gender diverse in Australia will suffer from endo at some point in their lives; that equals 1 in 9.

Symptoms vary between patients, including painful periods that will literally put your life on hold, and can lead to damaged fertility. Given the complexity of the disease, it can take 7 – 12 years for a patient to be diagnosed. There is no cure.

March is all about raising awareness for Endometriosis. From simply wearing something yellow every day to hosting high teas with you pals at home to fundraise, there are many ways you can take part.

Saturday 27th March is Worldwide EndoMarch day and this year, Endometriosis Australia is hosting a special event online: Endometriosis Australia Symposium - in conversation and consultation. 

You can watch the event in the comfort of your own home as you hear from a powerhouse panel of guest speakers, ambassadors and EndoWarriors.

Tickets are just $19, with all funds raised going towards endo research, education programs and continuing to spread awareness. You can join in and show your support here! 

Endo Enlightened is an exciting new celebration for 2021, where landmarks and businesses will light up in bright yellow to show hope and support. There are over 60 locations across Australia including landmarks in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane… even the iconic Telstra Tower in Canberra will light up yellow for endo!

Endo can be a lonely and scary experience and it is great to reach out to others who have it. We call ourselves ‘Endo Sisters’. You can reach out to me anytime on Instagram @Ellie_Angel_Mobbs.

For more information on endo visit Endometriosis Australia’s website here! 

You can also check out my podcast with Endometriosis Australia here! 

Ellie Angel

1 March 2021

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Ellie Angel

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