We've All Been Storing Our Perfume Incorrectly!

Here's where it should be

Lauren Payne

18 December 2017

Lauren Payne

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Do like to store your perfume neatly on your bedside table? Maybe you prefer to put them on your bookshelf next to your most aesthetically pleasing books? 

A lot of people like to put their best perfumes on display somewhere in their homes, not only because they want to show off the beautiful packaging, but also because it's easier to access them when you're in a rush.


Now, if you DO display your perfume in any of these places, just like we do, we've got some bad news.

It turns out, we should actually be storing our perfume in the fridge to keep the chemicals in the eau de toilette and eau de parfum intact!

Storage expert Vlatka Lake has told The Sun that storing your perfume in the fridge will stop your favourite perfume or colonge from breaking down and smelling a bit off.

“To prolong the scent of your favourite fragrance, sometimes it is best to store them in a refrigerator.

“Many of us keep our prized perfume collection on display on our dressing tables, but perfumes and colognes with high oil concentrates can break down over time when exposed to light and heat."


Vlatka suggests keeping your perfumes out of the bathroom as well and if you're not a fan of putting your favourite fragrance in the fridge, then putting them in a cool, dry cupboard might be another good option.

“Remember to always keep fragrances away from windowsills and bathrooms.

“And if your fridge is full, a dry, cold storage cupboard is just as good.”

Well, time to head home a rearrange our bedside tables...

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