Wedding Planner's Brutal Reply To The Bride Who Confessed Her Love For Him

FIVE days before her wedding!

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

19 November 2018

Hayley Mitchelhill-Miller

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If ever there was a cringe-worthy, horrific tale of weddings gone wrong, this is it!

A friend of the wedding planner to the morally questionable bride recently took to Reddit to share the very awkward tale of how the bride confessed her love for him only five days before the big day! 

Reddit user ClassicJenny explained that her wedding planner friend is a very good-looking straight male, who has “an amazing eye for design and detail."

She continued, revealing, “He can do everything from wedding dress design and execution, flowers, you name it. And his services are not cheap."

This is where things took a turn for the worst, when the bride confessed her love for him.

"He had a bride who called him up a few days before her wedding and told him she couldn't go through with the wedding because she was in love with someone else. The conversation went something like this:

Bride: "I can't marry him, I just don't love him anymore, I think I'm in love with someone else!"

Him: "What do you mean you're in love with someone else!? Your wedding is in 5 days!"

Bride: "Well.... I'm in love with you. You just GET me! I've never met anyone else like you!"

Him: "...Do you know how much your parents are paying me to 'get you'?!"

She ended up getting married 5 days later and it was never mentioned again.”

Talk about a brutal rejection… but probably well worth it, considering she was about to marry someone else who she has been in a committed relationship with!

We hope she doesn’t try this on anyone else! 


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